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Telstra PITC Bund Project

Customer: Telstra PITC


Objective: The Bund was constructed to provide a natural barrier to help absorb interference from the equipment found in the close by housing developments. The Bund needed to be stabilized in the short term to avoid erosion and plantings will provide long term stabilization

Product used: Jute-mat Thick Mat and CFM 700 Coir Mesh

Work commenced: March 2008

Interim results: Plant growth is progressing at better than expected rates and the Jute-mat Thick Mat is holding up well. The Coir Mesh CFM700 is proving to be the ideal choice for a project of this nature due to its long life under harsh conditions.

• Completed Bund Install
• Bund Install 1 - 5
• New bund Photos that are on their way.