Revegetation Aids

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Revegetation plantings face many challenges on the way to survival. If you are hoping to achieve the highest possible success rate from your plantings it is important that you select the right products for every situation.


Envirowest Distributors stock a wide range of products to aid with all projects.

  • Tree Guards
  • Mesh Tree Guards – Rigid and lightweigh
  • Corflute Tree Guards
  • Fertiliser tablets specific for native plant species
  • Ultra Wet Soil Breaker
  • Ultra Wet Yellow Water Retainer
  • Bamboo Stakes
  • Spring Wrap tree protector

Tree Guards Sleeves

Tree guards are an essential part of any successful rehabilitation project. The use of Tree Guards will:

  • Protect seedlings from vermin such as rabbits
  • Provide protection from extreme weather
  • Retain moisture at the critical root stages by providing shade protection
  • Reduce plant replacement costs

Envirowest Distributors are also available to supply Bamboo stakes to be used with Tree Guards.
Bamboo Stakes are available in 76cm lengths in gauges of 10-12mm or 12-14mm.

Mesh Tree Guards

Mesh Tree Guards are available in rigid and lightweight specifications. Mesh guards can be used in areas subject to inundation with water. Both types of Mesh Tree Guards can be recycled offering savings to the user over time as well as having environmental benefits.

Native Fertiliser Tablets

Native plants require specific fertilisers to aid in their establishment. Fertiliser tablets are simple to use when planting and are an economic way to further reduce plant replacement costs. Fertiliser Tablets are available in 7 gram and 14 gram sizes.

Ultra Wet Soil Treatments

Water is a scarce resource that needs to be conserved yet rehabilitation sites can benefit greatly from watering. To make the most of rainfall and plant watering through use Ultra Wet Soil Conditioners.

Ultra Wet Blue is a water retaining agent that will aid in the retention of moisture at root depth. Simply applied upon planting with water the use of Ultra Wet Blue water retainer will help native seedlings survive their first harsh summer when no irrigation is in use. Unlike regular soil wetting agents that simply aid in moisture penetration Ultra Wet Blue holds moisture at depth.

Ultra Wet Yellow is specially formulated to penetrate through the hydrophobic soil found on many Western Australian sites. Soils that do not allow the penetration of moisture rob plants of much needed water and make survival difficult. The use of Ultra Wet Yellow will solve the problem of hydrophobic soils by simply applying with water once seedlings have been planted.

Spring Wrap Tree Protector

Spring wrap is a HDPE sleeve that is simply wrapped around the trunk of trees to protect them from damage form line trimmers and other landscaping equipment that may cause damage to tree trunks. Spring wrap is available in a variety of sizes, can be removed and relocated easily, and can be used for many years.

Bamboo Stakes

Bamboo stakes are required for the installation of tree guards and are available in two main sizes:

  • Standard: 75cm long with a diameter of 10mm – 12mm. These standard duty bamboo stakes are suitable for most applications and are available in bales of 500 units.
  • Heavy Duty: 75cm long with a diameter of 12mm – 14mm. Heavy duty bamboo is used when hard ground conditions prevail or hammering force is likely to be used in the installation process.

The success of tree guard installation is largely reliant on well installed bamboo stakes that installed to the correct depth and are at spacing’s that keep the tree guard tight and in place. 3 bamboo stakes are required for typical tree guard installations.

Corflute Tree Guards

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Corflute Tree Guards are ideal in situations where terrain makes standard tree guard installation difficult. Corflute Tree Guards require only one hardwood stake for installation making them ideal for applications where the ground is hard and labour costs need to be kept to a minimum. Corflute Tree Guards are available in lots of 100.