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Jute-mat Geotextiles Erosion Control Matting
Jute-mat is a 100% organic jute geo-textile made in Australia from local and imported products. Scientifically developed and tested in Queensland. Jute-mat has been specifically designed to promote growth and stability on steep slopes and areas that are prone to the effects of wind and water erosion.

The use of Jute-mat will:

  • Protect precious top soil
  • Prevent erosion
  • Suppress weed growth (TM only)
  • Eliminate the need for mulch as it will retain moisture
  • Promote plant growth by retaining moisture and preserving topsoil

Jute-mat Textiles are 100% biodegradable and will leave no harmful chemicals or binders which make it ideal for environmental revegetation projects.

Jute-mat is available in Thick Mat and Fine Mat

Thick Mat

Thick Mat should be used whenever direct planting of seedlings is to take place.

  • Product Weight 560 – 680 gsm
  • Product Thickness 6mm +/- 1mm
  • Standard size 1.83m x 25m rolls
  • Coverage per roll 45.8 sqm

Fine Mat

Fine mat is engineered to allow the transmission of natural light making it ideal to as a germination blanket for seeded areas. Fine Mat reduces the effect of wind and water erosion thereby protecting both the top soil and seed.

  • Product Weight 250 – 310 gsm
  • Product Thickness 3mm +/-0.5 mm
  • Standard size 1.83m x 30m rolls
  • Coverage per roll 54.9 sqm

Both Thick mat and Fine mat can be manufactured in 3.66m roll widths for specific projects if required. Jute-mat matting needs to be pinned to the surface using Envirowest steel ‘U’ shaped ground pins. Pins are available in 150mm, 300mm and 600mm lengths. The standard 300mm pin is suitable for most applications in normal terrain.