Erosion Control Solutions

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Envirowest Distributors supplies a wide range of products to provide the most cost effective solutions to erosion. These include:

Gabion Cage

Gabion Cages are wire cages that are filled with stone to form walls, barriers, or to aid in erosion control around outlet pipes in stormwater drains and sumps. The ideal solution to extreme erosion situations they are available in various sizes and can be filled with any type of stone medium.

Synthetic Textiles

Certain erosion situations require the use of synthetic textiles. Envirowest Distributors are well positioned to advise clients on when synthetic textiles are required as the best solution to erosion control. Uses of Geosynthetic textiles include erosion control, soil reinforcement, drainage and filtration.

Envirowest supply a range of Synthetic textiles including, Geomaster™ and Geomaster Plus™ as well as other Geosynthetics.


Fibremaster™is recycled textile matting that is ideal for situations that require the use of an erosion control blanket with an extended life. Fibremaster™ is made from 100% recycled cotton, is manufactured in Australia and is certified as sterile material that is free from foreign contaminants so that you have peace of mind when applying to sensitive revegation areas.

Erosionex™ Spray on Soil Binder

Erosionex™ is a spray on soil binder for dust control and soil stabilisation. Erosionex™ is a polymer based product that is supplied in a powder, granule or liquid form. Uses of Eroisonex include:

  • Dust suppression on access tracks
  • Dust control and compaction on construction roads
  • Topsoil consolidation and Erosion control
  • Direct seeding applications to reduce seed loss and improve germination rates
  • Aids in soil compaction when undertaking unsealed road maintenance

Erosionex™ can be introduced to your existing arrangements for dust suppression as it can be simply added to your water cart at the appropriate concentration. Erosionex™ is compatible with most water carts and can be sprayed using hand hose, batter fan or dribble bar. The use of Eroisonex™can reduce water usage by up to 75% which will not only conserve precious water but will also:

  • reduce water cart usage
  • reduce traffic on haulage and construction roads
  • lower equipment running costs

Erosionex™ will not clog or damage equipment and is safe to use around waterways as it is environmentally benign.
If you would like to reduce dust and conserve water at an economical price then Erosionex™ is the answer.

Geo Synthetics

Whatever the situation there is sure to be a geosynthetic solution. Envirowest have a wide range of Geo Synthetics that can be utilised for:

  • Soil Reinforcement
  • Retaining walls and structures
  • Drainage Systems
  • Water Management

We stay abreast of the latest product developments from Europe, Asia and the US which means that we are able to offer the most innovative and cost effective products.