Coir Mesh and Coir Logs

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Coir logs are ideal for use in foreshore restoration where a barrier is required to allow wetlands plants to establish. Installation is a simple process that involves the use of Jarrah stakes to peg the logs into place.


Applications of Coir Mesh and Coir Logs include:

  • Water diversion
  • Silt pond construction
  • Spill containment
  • Sand control
  • Stream bank stabilisation
  • Flood control
  • Coastal erosion control

Specifications: 3.00m x 30cm Dry weight is ~ 28 kg.
Once installed Coir logs will remain intact for many years before slowly breaking down long after rehabilitation works have been established. The logs can be bent to suit contours and to fit the design of the project.

Coir Mesh

Coir mesh matting is a durable erosion control mesh suitable for those sites that require a medium term stablilisation blanket that can be moulded around and over existing vegetation.

Coir Mesh is easy to apply and its small aperture mesh grid stops erosion from wind and rain but also allows seed to germinate underneath. We are the exclusive stockist of this product in Western Australia.

This product shows promise in the harsh extremes faced on Western Australian locations and we are pleased with the results this product has shown since it has been in use.

We welcome your enquiry into the use of this product so please call us to discuss possible applications and how it can benefit you in the future.

Coir mesh is available in two weights:

  • CFM700 – 25m x 2m per roll 700GSM:
    • This mesh has a life expectancy of 3 – 4 years and is suitable for most applications
  • CFM900 – 25m x 2m per roll 900GSM:
    • This mesh uses heavier coir twine and has a smaller aperture than the CFM700.
    • This mesh should be used for coastal applications, areas where the coir mesh may be under water, and areas prone to the most extreme weather conditions.
    • The life expectancy of this product is 4 -5 years.